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Pin It & Spin It: Pumpkin Pie Matcha Shortbread

Oh a link party!  Gina over at Desperately Seeking Gina is linking up (is that even the proper term?) with a Pin It or Spin It theme and since I just used a Pinterest recipe this will be my VERY first link up (again, is that the right term?).  In my last bog post, I mentioned the Pumpkin Pie Matcha that I purchased from David’s Tea had a very BLAH flavor and so I decided to use the rest of it in a recipe.

Pin It:  So, this was the Pin that started it all: Matcha Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

Spin it: I added a half teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice in addition to using the Pumpkin Pie Matcha to try and kick up the flavor. Plus, I used cookie slats to help roll a perfectly even dough.


How cute are these tiny little cookies?  They are so dainty! I only made about a half batch of these because I didn’t want to sacrifice all of my matcha–but it was almost all of it.  The recipe is very straightforward and is super quick to put together.  The cutting of the cookies into tiny flowers is the most tedious part of the process.  I would definitely recommend using cookie slats to get the dough perfectly even.

Instead of regular sugar for the dusting I used baker’s sugar, which is a much finer grain of sugar crystals.  It worked out well and the sugar makes the cookies look extra cute and fancy without a grainy texture.

The outcome was a tiny cookie that can be a light snack, like Teddy Grams but with no gram and much more delicious.  The matcha flavor was super light and I could only catch a hint of it at the end.  The pumpkin flavor, even with the added pumpkin pie spice, was nonexistent. These tasted more like a straightforward shortbread.

These would be perfect for a little kid’s tea party (my super duper picky eating child even liked them) or maybe a St Patrick’s day snack but they would fail horribly at a pumpkin celebration.