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Me-  Wife, mother, event planner, burnt-out women’s advocate, crafter, baker, and pumpkin pundit who is trying to figure out what to do next with her life.  I grew up in a family that valued the crafty.  We have writers, kniters, crocheters, needlepointers, quilters, sewers, wood workers, stain glasser, and cooks.  I never found a single craft that captured my exclusive attention instead I dabble in a little of all of them.  I’ve even had one of my crafts featured on The Rachel Maddow Show….well it was a joint craft; my wife crafted our son and I crafted the onesie.

My background is working with nonprofit organizations focused on women’s right and reproductive justice. It was my dream job for many years but it’s difficult work and eventually I burned out.  Now I organize events/conferences/weddings/meetings/parties part-time and take care of our son.    My current interests are learning Photoshop and starting a popsicle business.

I started a different blog a few years ago, Pumpkin Passion, to share my deep love of pumpkin but found that talking about just pumpkins was too limiting. This blog was subsequently created to  share my many varied interests and and to connect with other crafty, cooking, political, and hipster mom bloggers. I’m sure that after 10 years working in women’s rights organizations and having a strong interest in feminist theory this blog may suffer from frequent soap box standing.

Shannon B.








Shannon-  We met in the most mundane—online dating.  Yawn!  What makes the story more interesting is that neither of us signed ourselves up on the dating website.  We’d done online dating years before and those experiences had us both staunchly against the practice.  Our friends took the initiative and  signed us up and filled out our profiles.  Eventually we begrudgingly came around to the idea and decided to finish filling our profiles out to make them sound a little more like our true selves.

I saw Shannon’s profile first.  What got me interested was after starting to read her profile I thought  for a moment I has somehow clicked on my profile by mistake.  We had so many similar interests.  I mean, how many online dating profiles mention the Roosevelts?  Both of ours did and that was the beginning of our love story.

We had our first date a few weeks later, moved in with each other 4 months later, and got married 5 months after our first date.  We describe it as a shotgun wedding.  We might have waited longer but the vote on California’s Proposition 8 was looming and the numbers weren’t looking good.  Our wedding cost about $500 (license, reception, food, cake, rings, and everything else) and was planned in less than a week.

About 2 years later we started trying to have a baby.

Mumfy G.








Mumford G. Wilikers- (aka: Mumfy, Mumfy G. and just  Mumford G.):  Our little guy practices everyday for his future career as an expert mountain climber.  He always has really important things to adamantly tell strangers at the grocery store even though his vocabulary is about 3 words long.  He loves to wear hats and bite toes.

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