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Life Update


In trying to resurrect this blog, I feel compelled to post a rambling update on where we are at. There are lots of big projects going on and our time has been consumed by preparing for a new baby.  It’s so weird to announce it on the blog because the preparation stage is almost over.  The little guy (yes, it’s a boy!) will be here in about 6 weeks.

It’s true that second children are a whole different ball game but it’s in a good way.  This time we are more confident.  We have a deep understanding of what we are getting ourselves into but we’re pretty sure that it’s not going to kill us.  We weren’t so sure the last time around.

I’ve been spending most spare moments getting the kids’ room ready.  The decorations and theming, that we originally had in the Carter’s nursery, had gone by the wayside long ago as he developed his own likes and interests.  For several months, the room has been “decorated” in a strange buffalo, pirate, old west, Mickey Mouse, tiki theme.  It was eclectically ridiculous.  We settled on a retro Disney theme but it’s mostly just stuff that we already had on hand.  Once it’s complete, I will share pictures but keep the expectations low.  No magazines will be featuring this room in its lovely glossy pages.

Then, there is circus.  UGH!  Carter is in a parent participation circus class at our local YMCA.  The circus is a REALLY big deal in this town.  There are tight ropes, tumbling, juggling, unicycles and a bunch of other acts performed by local kids and the whole things runs for 3 hours, 3 nights a week for the entire month of May and almost every night is a sold out show.  We have been practicing for an hour two days a week for this since June of 2015.  His part is actually only 5 minutes long but it ends up taking a huge chunk of the day with costuming and warm ups and lots of time spent sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve also started planning for our next Disney World trip in 2017.  It might seem a tad early, especially since we wouldn’t be going until October at the earliest, but it actually isn’t for a bizarre set of reasons.

There’s also a baby shower to plan, a million trips to Goodwill to make some room for all the baby stuff, a garage to clean out so we can get rid of more stuff, and a back patio that needs to be finished before the baby shower.  April is crunch time!

Now you are up to date!

Friday Tagline Talk

Gloria Steinem

PARENTING: “18 Reasons Why Parents Can’t Stand Caillou” made me laugh so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. My #1 reason is because it is so freaking ugly!

POLITICS: We went to an event last week that had Melissa McCarthy interviewing Gloria Steinem. It was pretty amazing.  Melissa McCarthy is hysterical.  The best part was this discussion:

McCarthy shared that she called Merriam-Webster earlier this week in response to reading in Steinam’s book that the venerable dictionary includes very different definitions for adventurer and adventuress (the latter of which is “a female adventurer; especially: one who seeks position or livelihood by questionable means”). First, she asked Stephen Perrault, the dictionary’s humorously titled director of defining, if he wears a wizard hat. Then she promised to call back every six weeks until the issue had been resolved. 

I saw this embroidery on Flickr recently and I was kinda surprised that someone loves Melissa McCarthy as much as I do. Amazing! There’s also this Dolly Parton embroidery.

PUMPKINS: This is the most beautiful pumpkin that I’ve ever seen.


Sooo Exciting!

The weather is finally chilly and it really feels like fall.  This has me seriously wanting to craft.  However, things just aren’t working out all that well on the crafting front.  It started with a small tablecloth that I was attempting to make for my kid’s little table.  I’d purchased the fabric on clearance months ago and was waiting for a bolt of inspiration to tell me what to do with it.  A small Christmas tablecloth was the  perfect project.  All that I needed to do was cut the fabric down to size, sew the edges, and iron on some vinyl so the crud could just be wiped off.

Unfortunately, my old nemesis showed up again and that would be the cutting fabric part of the project.  I really suck at cutting fabric.  I can’t cut a descent straight line.  I folded the fabric in half and then I was supposed to cut off some off the length and instead cut down the center fold.  Who does that?!?! Now I have two long pieces of fabric instead of 1 square piece like I needed.


Subsequently, I needed to work with my other crafting nemesis, the stupid serger.  I was planning on make the tablecloth more quilt like with four pieces instead of one and then adding some borders around the pieces.  I felt like the serger was my best option.

Since I bought the serger, about 9 years ago I don’t think I’ve ever successfully used it or it’s been so long ago that I’ve forgotten that it ever worked.  This time I was determined and watched dozens of youtube tutorials and read even more about this infuriating machine.  After nearly a week of trying to figure out the tension issues, I came to the conclusion that my serger is actually broken.  One of the tension dials just doesn’t work.  It feels loose when I turn it and it doesn’t matter it is set at 1 or 9 the tread still looks super loose.  So, I’m kind of done with sewing for now.

I decided to resign myself to virtual crafting, aka Pinterest.  While cleaning up my boards, I became focused on the “New Blog Ideas” board that I created over a year ago.  I wondered AGAIN why I never really used this blog.  There were things about the design that I didn’t like and that didn’t feel like me.  I looked over my collection of snips from blog designs that I love and I found that the blogs that really caught my eye were so much more simpler than my design.

Monday night, I just started messing around with the design with the only intention of making things a little simpler.  In just a few hours, I had majorly redesigned the whole thing.  I love the way it looks now!  It makes me want to blog again and so I am!

How the blog originally looked. It was way too busy and too pastel!

How the blog originally looked. It was way too busy and too pastel!

December Pages


We bought a new desktop computer and “Wow!” 

Our old one was close to 7 years old but it really didn’t seem like it was THAT long ago.  It was the first desktop that I’d ever purchased and I made some upgrades which I thought made it fancy.  Lately the poor thing has been pushed into the corner of the baby’s room and only infrequently used.  After all, we can’t just work on the computer in the baby’s room while he plays next to us.  That room is a disaster and probably the least baby-proofed room in the entire house.  The only time he sees it is when his cute little butt gets changed. 

Instead, I have been working on the laptop from the dining room table but the baby likes to try and kill it by pouring water on it and beating it with a stick.  He has even succeeded in pulling off some of the keys that I can’t figure out how to get back on.    

When we seriously started discussing replacing it I researched the hell out of the subject and ended up with the simple conclusion that the higher the memory, processor, and hard drive the better the computer but the higher the price.  I’d figured out the realistic price we would have to pay for the one we needed but I wanted to find a deal/bargain and so I held out.  Then we left the baby with my mom and went to Costco because he HATES Costco.  This gave us time to leisurely walk around spend a crap ton of money we don’t have and impulsively buy a new computer.    Lesson learned; always bring the baby to Costco.  He screams while we run around collecting items on the list as quickly as possible with no extraneous glances at “luxury” items –eg, a pillow-sized bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn. 

So, we now have this beautiful new desktop that even has a keyboard with no keys missing and when you press a button things actually happen . . . right away and not 2-3 minutes later.  How much of my life do I waste waiting on computers?  

Ahh, it’s been so nice having this new one.  It took be several days to reload all the software and transfer files over in a more organized manner but now it’s just the way I wanted it to be “somewhat organized.” 

This past year I’ve been working on a digital life project, more about this in another post, but it has lead me down a path of accumulating a LOT of adorable files and I had no way of being able to find them.  I took a short online class about the ACDSee 17 program and I was sold.  Being able to find the files I need and do so quickly has made journaling less frustrating and more productive.  I just finished December’s pages and maybe with this computer I can finally catch up.

Hello 2014

364 more days to fill this year.   It’s kind of exciting.  It’s like buying a super fabulous new journal and imagining all the ways to fill it.  Possibilities are full of excitement.

A few days before the end of the year I found a fortune cookie leftover from a quick dinner at the Panda.  Here’s some insight into me, I treat fortune cookies like a Magic 8 ball.  I think of a question and ask the cookie to answer it.  It’s corny but aren’t all ways of wishing:  on a star, throwing a penny in a fountain, on pulling apart a wishing bone.  Anyway, I asked the fortune cookie to tell me what 2014 holds and this is what it told me:












I love it!  Thanks fortune cookie!

May all your fortunes be this great in 2014.