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Ultimate Pumpkin Vacation

Is anyone surprised that we’ve already started planning our Fall/”Pumpkin Eatin’ Season” activities?  This year we are planning something big, really BIG!

We’ve spent a couple of month discussing where to go on vacation this year.  Last year we didn’t do a real vacation because we had a tiny little baby to take with us. The small vacation that we did do last year was kind of a disaster.  So, this year we are beyond eager to do something new.

For awhile we talked about doing something small and saving money for a Disney cruise to Alaska.  I have to see Alaska!  It’s numero uno on my bucket list but the price is high and the children are young.  So we decide to kick that can down to the summer of 2019.

We tried to come up with some place cheap but new and exciting. We came up with nothing. Instead, we resigned ourselves to a mediocre summer vacation and dreams of Alaska in 2019 but it just wasn’t enough.

Two months into the vacation “where should we go” discussion, we pulled into the In-N-Out drive-through and somewhere between placing our order and paying for our burgers and “round grilled cheese,” we knew for certain where we were going to go.  We got on our phones and searched Disney Cruise itineraries leaving out of San Diego because not having to fly with a baby and a high-energy child is a big plus.  When we saw a “Halloween on the High Seas” cruise we were immediately S.O.L.D!

Watch the video and see how much pumpkin fun there is to experience.  We can’t wait!

Spring Break Adventures -2017


This past week was Carter’s Spring Break at preschool.  To offset the cycle of clean the house in the morning and then spend the rest of the day trying to keep it clean, we would leave the house for fun adventures and then come home to a house that was miraculously still semi clean.

***Disclaimer:  What follows are pictures of our kids looking sweet and somewhat compliant.  Our kids are super sweet and even compliant SOMETIMES.  I did not take photos of meltdowns or “bad attitudes” or strangers’ faces filled with judgment or the many stern “talks” that included the phrase, “Do you want to go home right now because you’re acting like you want to go home right now.”   I’ve unfollowed Instagram accounts and blogs that only present the photogenic side of parenting because it’s just way too easy to look at the perfect photographs and feel like a bad parent.  If you’re similarly inclined, just know that these are the pretty moments and the other, not so pretty, moments were there too but we chose not to document them for posterity.

We started our week at Disney’s California Adventure for the Food & Wine Festival.  Also, we’d recently started back on Weight Watchers and a food festival seemed like a great place to get our minds off food. HARDY HAR HAR!  The portions are small and when shared they are just a couple of bites so Oprah would approve.

I had great ambitions to take pictures off the food at the festival but when faced with the food we would scarf it down before I could take a picture.  This is the one picture that I took.  It’s even nicely styled on our stroller seat!  It’s the French onion mac and cheese topped with parmesan crumbles and chives at The Onion Lair booth.  It was topped with too too many French onions.  Once you got rid of some of the onions you could taste just how good the mac and cheese was but you had to sacrifice the parmesan crumbles to get rid of the onions and the crumble was an important element.  Everything else we tried was great but the Sweet corn nuggets with beef chili, spring onions and sour cream was my favorite.

It’s not like the Disneyland parks aren’t normally packed but with the Food & Wine Festival it is too infinity and beyond busy.  We managed to still have lots of fun anyway.

Then, we tried the children’s museum, Discovery Cube in Santa Ana.  We’ve been there before but Carter didn’t seem to enjoy it because he was too young to really interact with the exhibits.  Now he’s at a really good age and he LOVED it.  I would say that kids between 5-9 are at the target developmental age to really enjoy it.  Carter’s favorite part was the outside dinosaur exhibit where he met a kid even wilder than himself so the day was a win.  I even got some cute pictures of both of the kids.

To end the week we took a trip to downtown LA for the Discovery Science Center for the, soon to be gone, Disney Pixar exhibit.  I’d forgotten how great that museum is and … wait for it …it’s free!  The special exhibits aren’t free but the rest of the 3 story museum is free.  We saw an actual space shuttle, a giant aquarium with sharks and several other kid-friendly exhibits.

The Pixar exhibit was the highlight for all of us (except maybe for the baby who needed a nap BAD).

He’s back a preschool Monday and then we register him for Kindergarten on Tuesday! And then we rest?  Probably not!

Disney World Vacation Video

It has been over a year since we vacationed at Disney World and I’ve finally finished the vacation video I’ve wanted to make since we returned.  It has been over a year since we went and I should probably have something more to show than what it is but I can’t deal with it anymore.  I either had to finish the video or just scrap it all together.  It’s not great but it’s something and that’s enough.

I had a strangely long learning curve towards the end product.  I was stalled for weeks just trying to figure out what program I could download that would allow me to string all of our pictures together.  After way too much time I had a very large “DUH” moment and discovered Windows Movie Maker which was already preinstalled on my computer, DUH!  Does everyone already know about this program but me?

I’m not super pleased with it but I’ll share it anyway because if I only blogged about my crafts that came out perfectly then I would never blog at all and I almost don’t blog at all. Ha!


It’s (sort of) here!


We saw our first pumpkin item of the 2014 Pumpkin Eatin’ Season. Typically the first sighting happens at a craft store in early July but since my crafting well ran dry over the summer we hadn’t seen anything even slightly resembling a pumpkin.

We found this little guy at Disneyland on the first day of August. It was kind of a magical moment. There was nothing else fall/pumpkin in the park but this.  An unobtrusive “remember me?” sign on fall.

Seeing my first pumpkin so late into summer was especially strange because for last few weeks we have been heavily focused on upcoming fall plans.  We’ve already purchased tickets to “Mickey’s Halloween Party” and started working on our costumes.  I have even done some fall baking, a Stout Pound Cake with Roasted Pecans from the Cakelove Cookbook .  The cake was amazing but I had to make a couple substitutions which basically destroyed any chance of getting it out of the bund tcake pan in under 750 pieces.  The cake was a test run for our “Welcome to Fall” party that we usually do the first weekend of September.  Then, there’s our big fall vacation that we’ve been heavily planning over the summer . . . we are going to DISNEYWORLD in November!!! Holy crap I can’t believe it.  It makes me yearn for fall even more that usual.

Seeing this little pumpkin Mickey was extra special because it was a tangible reminder that fall really is coming and there’s no stopping or hurrying it!

Tasted great but looked horrible.

Tasted great but looked horrible.

The 6 cupcakes that I made with leftover batter survived better.

The 6 cupcakes that I made with leftover batter survived better.