Ultimate Pumpkin Vacation

Is anyone surprised that we’ve already started planning our Fall/”Pumpkin Eatin’ Season” activities?  This year we are planning something big, really BIG!

We’ve spent a couple of month discussing where to go on vacation this year.  Last year we didn’t do a real vacation because we had a tiny little baby to take with us. The small vacation that we did do last year was kind of a disaster.  So, this year we are beyond eager to do something new.

For awhile we talked about doing something small and saving money for a Disney cruise to Alaska.  I have to see Alaska!  It’s numero uno on my bucket list but the price is high and the children are young.  So we decide to kick that can down to the summer of 2019.

We tried to come up with some place cheap but new and exciting. We came up with nothing. Instead, we resigned ourselves to a mediocre summer vacation and dreams of Alaska in 2019 but it just wasn’t enough.

Two months into the vacation “where should we go” discussion, we pulled into the In-N-Out drive-through and somewhere between placing our order and paying for our burgers and “round grilled cheese,” we knew for certain where we were going to go.  We got on our phones and searched Disney Cruise itineraries leaving out of San Diego because not having to fly with a baby and a high-energy child is a big plus.  When we saw a “Halloween on the High Seas” cruise we were immediately S.O.L.D!

Watch the video and see how much pumpkin fun there is to experience.  We can’t wait!

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