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In trying to resurrect this blog, I feel compelled to post a rambling update on where we are at. There are lots of big projects going on and our time has been consumed by preparing for a new baby.  It’s so weird to announce it on the blog because the preparation stage is almost over.  The little guy (yes, it’s a boy!) will be here in about 6 weeks.

It’s true that second children are a whole different ball game but it’s in a good way.  This time we are more confident.  We have a deep understanding of what we are getting ourselves into but we’re pretty sure that it’s not going to kill us.  We weren’t so sure the last time around.

I’ve been spending most spare moments getting the kids’ room ready.  The decorations and theming, that we originally had in the Carter’s nursery, had gone by the wayside long ago as he developed his own likes and interests.  For several months, the room has been “decorated” in a strange buffalo, pirate, old west, Mickey Mouse, tiki theme.  It was eclectically ridiculous.  We settled on a retro Disney theme but it’s mostly just stuff that we already had on hand.  Once it’s complete, I will share pictures but keep the expectations low.  No magazines will be featuring this room in its lovely glossy pages.

Then, there is circus.  UGH!  Carter is in a parent participation circus class at our local YMCA.  The circus is a REALLY big deal in this town.  There are tight ropes, tumbling, juggling, unicycles and a bunch of other acts performed by local kids and the whole things runs for 3 hours, 3 nights a week for the entire month of May and almost every night is a sold out show.  We have been practicing for an hour two days a week for this since June of 2015.  His part is actually only 5 minutes long but it ends up taking a huge chunk of the day with costuming and warm ups and lots of time spent sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve also started planning for our next Disney World trip in 2017.  It might seem a tad early, especially since we wouldn’t be going until October at the earliest, but it actually isn’t for a bizarre set of reasons.

There’s also a baby shower to plan, a million trips to Goodwill to make some room for all the baby stuff, a garage to clean out so we can get rid of more stuff, and a back patio that needs to be finished before the baby shower.  April is crunch time!

Now you are up to date!

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